Monday, August 13, 2007


"A Series of Unfortunate Events" program was held in the Bucyrus Public Library's Community Room on Monday, January 24th, 2005. This program had originally been scheduled for Saturday the 22nd, but due to inclement weather, had to be rescheduled.

21 participants bravely endured cold weather and snow showers to attend. As participants arrived, each was given a nametag that said "My Name is Not..." with their name written in.

Children's Librarian Barb Scott then presented a short Powerpoint trivia quiz on the books. The attendees proved to be experts on the stories as they answered question after question correctly.

Once the quiz was over, participants were given the opportunity to make five different themed crafts. Each craft table was designated by a huge unflatable eyeball that hung over it! They were:

1. The Incredibly Deadly Viper Snake Bracelet Craft--Participants colored and cut out a snake pattern. Different colored sequins were provided to decorate the snake. Velcro pieces were then added to the tail and head to secure the snake around the wrist.

2. Unwanted Poster of Count Olaf--Participants colored and turned in this "Wanted" poster of the Count to be displayed with pictures of the evening's event.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events Trading Cards--Participants cut out and trimmed down eight trading cards featuring characters from the popular books. The cards had pictures of the character on one side and vital statistics on the other. These cards were then covered with clear contact paper.

4. You Decide the Next Unfortunate Event Book Cover Craft--Participants were given a mock-up of one of the book covers, called "Book the Next" and invited to use their imaginations to draw what the cover of that book would look like. My favorite title was "The Worst Waffle". If nothing else tonight, the kids all learned what alliteration was!

5. An Unfortunate Door Hanger--The Ellison door hanger die was used to cut the hangers that were the basis for this craft. Participants colored the hanger, added a small verse that said "Read...if you dare..." and then could choose several Ellison animal shapes to decorate the hanger. Shapes used were a bat, a snake, a frog, and a spider.

After participants were finished with the crafts, they could partake of refreshments. Served were cupcakes, pretzels, gummi worms, and lemon drops and peppermints, as well as lemonade to drink.

Several prizes were given away at the conclusion of the program, including a jar of lemon drops. As participants came in and any time during the program, they were invited to guess the number of lemon drops in a clear plastic jar. Other prizes that were given away were several eyeball straws (purchased from Oriental Trading Company), a "Trouble" game (since the Baudelaire orphans always seem to be in trouble), and several copies of books from the series.
Goodie bags were given to all participants. These bags contained a pair of glasses for disguise, a Series of Unfortunate Events bookmark, eye stickers, frog tattoos, eyeball gum, a toy spider and snake. an eyeball bouncy ball, a peppermint, a piece of bubblegum, and a cough drop.

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