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On March 23, 2002, 15 participants (mostly boys and some girls) gathered in the library’s community room for our Captain Underpants party.

The party opened with participants sitting in a circle and passing around a roll of toilet paper. They each had to take anywhere from 1-5 pieces. Once the roll was passed, this was the icebreaker game. Each person had to tell as many things about themselves as they had taken pieces of toilet paper. At this point, Children's Librarian Barb Scott shared a short, humorous biography of Dav Pilkey, author of the Captain Underpants books.

Next, it was on to the Professor Pippy P. Poopypants "Name Change-O-Chart 2000". With the help of a live internet connection, all participants' names were entered to see what their changed names would be. This was done by Children's Librarian Barb Scott (otherwise known as Lumpy Pizzasniffer), aided by her assistant Sarah Scott (otherwise known as Snotty Pizzasniffer). The kids had a great time with this, roaring with laughter as one funny name after another came up.

Then, it was one to the Dav Pilkey fact and trivia presentation. Done in Powerpoint, this presentation first shared photos and little-known facts about Dav and his books, then tested participant's knowledge of the Captain underpants books. It was evident that there were Captain Underpants scholars in the room, as they shouted out answer after answer for the trivia quiz!

Next, four craft tables were set up and the participants were directed to these. Crafts done were:

George and Harold's Flip Books--participants were given a pattern to make their own flip book (or simple moving picture book).

Participants were invited to decorated a pair of underwear for Captain Underpants, as we're sure he gets tired of wearing those white ones all the time. Once finished, these were used to display with the pictures from the event.

Perfectly Portable Pilkey-Powered Paper Pilot Pug Planes--this station let participants color and fold their own paper airplanes with Captain Underpants at the controls.

Superhero Masks--participants were given materials to make their own superhero masks. You will see some of the results in the picture above. Many of the kids are also wearing the goofy glasses and holding the whoopie cushions they received as favors!

Once participants had finished the crafts, they were invited to check out Dav Pilkey's website on several laptop computers that had been set up for the event. They enjoyed the sliding puzzles, the on-line coloring, and many other items.

Then, it was time for refreshments! Participants were treated to Toxic Slime Cupcakes and Day Old Bathwater punch, both of which they pronounced excellent!

While participants munch on the snack, Children's Librarian Barb Scott solicited words that were then put into a Captain Underpants Mad Lib that was read aloud.

Once everyone was finished with the snack, it was time for games. Two games were offered: beanbag throw and an Underwear Toss. The object of the two games was to win either pieces of candy or coupons. The Underwear Toss was particularly fun, as a large toilet set had been cut from foamboard and mounted on a large white crate, making a milk crate potty. The object was to get all three pair of underwear (yes, real, CLEAN underwear) into the crate. They could not hang from the rim of the seat. Both games proved to be tons'o'fun with the participants!
To end the program, a drawing was held and three winners were selected to receive Captain Underpants books.

Once the drawing was held, participants continued to play the games until picked up by their parents.

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