Monday, August 13, 2007


Curious George celebrated his 61st birthday at the Bucyrus Public Library on September 28, 2002! An initial sign-up of 23 yielded 19 participants .

Each participant received a nametag , when they arrived, which said: "My name is _________, and I love to READ!" This nametag also featured a picture of Curious George reading a book.

The program opened with Children’s Librarian Barb Scott giving a presentation in Powerpoint that told the story of Curious George and his authors, Hans and Margret Rey. After that, she shared the very first Curious George story, entitled Curious George.

After that, participants were released to enjoy 6 different craft tables that were set up in the Community Room. Crafts were:

1. Curious George Upper and Lower Case Concentration Game: Participants were given handouts with all 26 letters of the alphabet, both in upper and lower case. Participants cut all squares out, along with a small picture of Curious George. All pieces were placed in a small ziplock bag.

2. Curious George Bookmark: A color bookmark was printed off the HoughtonMifflin site. Participants used pinking shears to cut out the bookmark, which was then encased in contact paper. Once the excess contact paper was cut off, a whole was punched in the top and 2 ribbons, one red and one yellow, were inserted through the hole and tied.

3. Curious George Toilet Paper Tube Craft: Pattern for the body, arms, head, and hat were printed on construction paper. These were colored, cut out, and glued onto a toilet paper tube.

4. Curious George Coloring Sheet: Each participant colored a picture of Curious George, which were then turned in to the Children’s Librarian. These will be used as part of an in-house display with photos of the event.

5. Make Your Own Curious George!: A basic outline pattern of a monkey was provided. Participants drew on a face and colored the pattern. Bottom was stapled into a circle so that the monkey could stand up.

6. Make a Banana Face!: A construction paper banana pattern was provided, as well as a variety of arms with hands, eyes, and mouths. Participants could choose what their banana’s face was to look like, as well as choose hands for it. These were glued onto the banana.

Once crafts were finished, it was snack time! Participants enjoyed punch, banana muffins, yellow-iced doughnuts, and pretzels. While participants were eating, each had his or her picture taken in front of a Curious George poster. A group photo was also taken to be included with a display.

A table was also provided with a variety of handouts, which included puzzles and other activities, all related to Curious George.

As each participant left, they received an "Award Winner" sticker, a Curious George bookmark, and a gold medal necklace.

Participants ranged in age from 3 to 13. It was a great afternoon and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


Barb said...

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Smilemakers 1-800-825-8085

Barb said...

Smilemakers also offers an assortment of stickers in their catalog. $5.99 for a box or roll of 75 stickers.

Barb said...

Wow! Smilemakers also offers Curious George scratch-and-sniff stickers! 50 stickers in a roll or box for $5.99!