Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We originally received a publisher's kit that detailed a "Madeline Says Merci" event, a tea in which visitors learn all about manners. This kit has reproducible sheets that can be the basis for many of the following crafts or activities. This program could also be a great Christmas program, tying in the book Madeline's Christmas. Along with the book's chartacters, French Christmas customs could be highlighted, as well as form the basis for crafts and/or snacks for the event!

The publisher's kit provided nametag patterns, word searches, coloring sheets, and crossword puzzles that could be used.

The kit begins with a two-page instruction sheet on how to prepare for the "tea". One suggestion has decorating the area with green vines, just like "the old house in Paris". Use French flags as decorations (making a construction paper pattern of a French flag could also be a craft!). Ellison offers an Eiffel Tower die that could be used as well! If you choose to do the tea program, think about serving punch and cookies, or small tea sandwiches as snacks!

A game that is included is a twist on the game "Simon Says". "Madeline Says" has participants acting out different types of manners.

The kit comes with nametags that could be used, as well as an activity that goes with them.

A "Fun with Finger Puppets" sheet features four characters from the books that could be used as a craft.

A sheet detailing how to make a "Consideration Flower" (basically a paper flower) is included.

We had done stick puppets with 4 of the characters from the books: Madeline, Miss Clavel, Pepito, and Genevive. These were colored, cut out, and placed on popsicle sticks.

Author information is also included with a timeline. It is interesting to note that Bemelmans' daughter, Barbara, was the inspiration for Madeline. The character Madeline was named after Bemelmans' wife, Madeleine Freund.

Also part of the file that I have on-hand is from The Family Channel and is a "Madeline in the Classroom" booklet. It has a few ideas that could be adapted for crafts for this program!

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