Monday, August 13, 2007


On January 28, 2005 , 54 participants and parents enjoyed an afternoon of fun with everyone’s favorite bunnies, Max and Ruby!

Upon arrival each child received a rabbit name tag (Ellison die cut) and signed up for two book door prizes and had the chance to guess the number of cotton balls in a jar for another book prize.

Children’s Librarian Barb Scott then welcomed all and shared the book Max Cleans Up by Rosemary Wells. She then shared a short Powerpoint presentation on Rosemary Wells and her books and characters. Participants learned, among other things, that Max and Ruby are based on Wells’ two daughters when they were seven and three.

Participants were then invited to make the following crafts:

1. Max and Ruby’s Easter Egg—The idea is from the book Max’s Chocolate Chicken. A large Easter Egg shape was copied onto construction paper. Children then colored the shape and were given a variety of materials with which to decorate it (stick-on stars, jewels, foam shapes, glitter, etc.)

2. Max and Ruby Stick Puppets—Large pictures of both Max and Ruby were copied onto construction paper. Participants colored them, cut them out, and then glued large crafts sticks to the back to form puppets!

3. Max and Ruby’s Puzzle Book—These were copied onto regular white paper. Book consisted of a cover (which participants could color) and three pages that were stapled behind it: Match Max and Ruby with Their Favorite Toys; Toy Maze; Find the Differences.

4. Max’s Makeover—This idea is from the book Ruby’s Beauty Shop. Copied onto construction paper was a picture of Max’s face. Participants were invited to use crayons or markers and give Max their own “makeover”! These papers were collected to be displayed with photos taken at the program!

5. Let’s Make Bunny Money!—This idea is from the book Bunny Money. Copied onto construction paper were pieces of money, one with Max’s picture and a second with Ruby’s picture. Participants were invited to color the pictures of the characters, and then color and draw a picture on the back of each piece of money. The money pieces were then cut out, folded, and glued.

6. Max and Ruby Dress-Up Dolls—Two sheets of construction paper contained Ruby with dress-up clothes and Max with dress-up clothes. The characters and their clothes were colored and cut out. Small baggies were provided in which to place the dolls and clothes.

As the children finished up with crafts, snacks were served. Those present enjoyed pretzels, gummi worms, punch, and cupcakes emblazoned with either the letter M (for Max) or R (for Ruby).

Door prizes were then given out. These prizes were two copies of Max and Ruby books. The winner of the cotton ball guessing contest received a copy of the book The Day the Teacher Went Bananas.

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