Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Most of these ideas were adapted/came from a kit that was provided by the book's publisher. I do not know if this kit is still available, but I do have copies of the patterns used.

The program started out with sharing the book by Laura Numeroff. Biographical information on the author and showing her other books could be done as well.

A game that could be played as part of your program is "Pin the Pancake on the Pig". We made a larger version of the pig and individual pancakes on colored construction paper. The pig pattern came from a coloring page that was provided.

Another game that was provided in the kit was a Scavenger Hunt. 9 items appear on the sheet that appear in the book. Divide participants into teams. Photocopy enough pictures so that each team can find one of each to complete the hunt. Provide a master sheet that teams can affix the pictures to (provide teams with scotch tape as well). Hide the pictures in your library. Provide small prizes for teams as they finish!

Pig Mask--This mask pattern can be found in the book Paper Hat Tricks II.

Pig Coloring Page--This coloring page can be colored and handed in by participants.

Any number of other cute pig crafts could be used to supplement this program.

A word search and maze were included in the publisher's packet.

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