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On Saturday, October 25, 2003, 36 participants gathered in the Bucyrus Public Library’s Community Room to celebrate the book character Froggy, and the birthday of his creator, Jonathan London, whose birthday was mid-October.

Children’s Librarian Barb Scott welcomed participants and parents to the program. First on the agenda was a Powerpoint presentation on Froggy that highlighted some of the different books in the series. This was followed by Barb sharing the book Froggy’s Halloween.

Participants were then invited to visit five craft stations that were set up around the room. A sixth station featured a "Leap Frog" game with bean bags and lily pads worth differing amounts of points.

The craft stations were:

Frog Fact Booklet—This idea was taken from a back issue of CopyCat magazine. Participants made what is called a "slit book" whose shape was cut out, slit in the middle and then folded into successive pages.

Froggy Paper Bag Puppet—Participants colored a paper bag and then cut out arms, eyes, and a rolled up tongue to complete this cute craft!

Froggy Toilet Paper Roll Craft—Toilet paper rolls were the basis of this craft. Pattern pieces were colored and cut out and pasted around and onto the toilet paper roll to make a frog.

Draw Froggy—Participants were guided by a "How to Draw Froggy" page displayed at this station. Each participant handed in their drawing of Froggy for display outside of the Children’s Room at the library.

Accordion Arm and Leg Frog—Frog body, feet, and hand pieces were cut out. Feet and hand pieces were attached to the body with accordion-folded pieces of green construction paper.

While participants worked on crafts, a special visit from Froggy was made. He made the rounds shaking hands and giving hugs to those in attendance.

Once crafts were finished, refreshments were served. The refreshment table featured Froggy Cupcakes, fruit snacks, French Onion flavored Harvest Chips, and punch. The cupcakes were patterned after some in an article in an issue of Family Fun magazine.

Drawings were held at the end of the program while participants either finished with refreshments or with crafts. Given away were two copies of Froggy’s Activity Book.

Before leaving, each participants received a goodie bag with a "Read It" frog sticker, a small plastic frog, and an Ellison frog finger puppet, as well as a trick-or-treat bag from the library to put completed crafts in.

NOTE: Just found this coolest Froggy Uno game that you might want to use as a craft for your program: The URL is

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