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On September 24, 2005, 20 participants enjoyed an afternoon of fun at the Bucyrus Public Library in a program based on the Magic Tree House books by author Mary Pope Osborne.

When participants arrived, they were given a tree-shaped namedtag cut from an Ellison Die. Children’s Librarian Barb Scott then presented a short Powerpoint presentation on Mary Pope Osborne and the Magic Tree House series. The author experimented with several different magic devices that would make the Jack and Annie (the book’s main characters) be able to travel through time. One day, while on a walk in the woods with her husband, they came across an old dilapidated tree house. The rest is history!

Participants were then invited to make the following crafts based on the books:

Design and Color a Lakota Tepee (from the book Buffalo Before Breakfast)—Participants were asked to draw and then decorate a Lakota tepee on a sheet that was handed in to be displayed with the pictures that were taken at the program.

Ninja Puppets (from the book Night of the Ninjas)—Participants were given a ninja figure pattern to cut out. They then used markers to decorate the figure with a face and ninja clothing. Craft sticks were glued to the back of the puppets to allow for manipulation.

Dinosaur Rubbing Craft (from the book Dinosaurs Before Dark)—Plastic rubbing plates were purchased from Smilemakers, Inc. Participants were able to place the plates underneath a piece of white construction paper and rub with the side of a crayon to produce a rubbing of both complete dinosaurs and their skeletons!

Cartouche-shaped Bookmarks (from the book Mummies in the Morning)--
Prior to the program, each participant’s name had been looked up on the website This site has an area where names can be entered in and the resulting page spells the name out in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Scrapbooking scissors were provided for the children to trim out both their names and the construction paper pieces that the names would be mounted on. Once they were cut amd glued, the bookmarks were run through the laminating machine before being hole-punched and threaded with ribbon at the top.

Hawaiian Leis (from the book High Tide in Hawaii)—First lengths of yarn were cut long enough to make a decent length lei. Plastic needles were provided to thread the yarn into. Then participants alternated pieces of cut drinking straws and small Ellison dice-cut flowers that were hole-punched. Once their yarn was full, the lei was tied off and worn!

Mummy Craft (from the NEW book Season of the Sandstorm)—Patterns were provided for the mummy’s head, arms, and legs. Toilet paper rolls were then slathered with glue and covered with actual toilet paper which was twisted and scrunched to look like a ropey strand. Once the roll was completely covered with the scrunched toilet paper, the head, arms, and legs were glued on.

Once participants were done with all crafts, they were invited to the refreshment table. Refreshments were cupcakes, pretzel sticks, fruit snacks, and punch.

At the conclusion of the program, a drawing for door prizes was held.

Each child attending received a goodie bag with a pirate hat, compass rings, dinosaur stickers, DumDum suckers, and Smarties!

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