Monday, August 13, 2007


On April 26th, 2003, 25 participants gathered in the Bucyrus Public Library's Community Room for a program featuring Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. As each participant arrived, they received a kangaroo nametag.

Barb Scott, Children's Librarian, began the program by sharing the book Where the Forest Meets the Sea by by Jeannie Baker. She then presented a short Powerpoint presentation on The Crocodile Hunter and the Australian language.

Participants were then released to five craft tables for Australian/Crocodile Hunter-themed crafts. Crafts were:

1. Crocodile Toilet Paper Tube Craft: Participants colored crocodile body pieces that were then glued onto a toilet paper tube.

2. Australian Sand Paper Art: Participants used sand paper pieces sized for a hand sander. Stencils were provided for them to lay over the sandpaper piece. Once the stencil was in place, crayons were used to color in the shape.

3. Koala Heart Craft: This construction paper koala was made entirely of heart shapes glued together. Participants colored the pieces before gluing them together.

4. Kangaroo Paper Bag Puppet Craft: Pieces were glued onto a brown paper bag to form a mama kangaroo with a little joey riding in her pocket!

5. Let's Color An Australian Flag!: Participants colored and cut out a replica of the Australian flag. These flags were collected to be used as part of a display in the Children's area of the library. Participants could take a second copy home to color later.

Participants then enjoyed snacks and punch. Snacks were: Fruit Rippers, The Crocodile Hunter Fruit Snacks, cinnamon Teddy Grahams, and pretzels.

Once snacks were finished, participants then had time to finish up any crafts. Drawings were then held for several door prizes.

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