Monday, August 13, 2007


On November 26th, 14 participants spent the afternoon immersing themselves in the magical world of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia. Each was presented with a lion name tag (cut from an Ellison die) upon their arrival.

Children’s Librarian Barb Scott began the program by presenting a short biography of C.S. Lewis and how he came to write the Narnia series. Then, it was time for a trivia quiz on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Many proved true Narnia scholars, as they answered question after question!

Then, all participants were encouraged to walk around the room and partake of six Narnia-themed crafts. These were:

Cair Paravel Castle Hat—This hat was constructed by placing a pattern for cutting over a folded paper plate. Paper clips held the pattern in place for cutting.

“Many Colored Sugar” Salt Painting—Many Colored Sugar is a sweet treat that Lewis tells about in the book Prince Caspian. This craft had participants coloring ordinary table salt with sidewalk and Prang art chalk. After pouring salt into small bowls, participants would choose a color of chalk and grind it around the side of the bowl. The abrasiveness of the chalk transfers the color from the chalk to the salt. Then, spoons and funnels were used to transfer the chalk from the bowls to baby food jars. Salt could be layered in different colors for a wonderful effect! Once the jars were full, the jar tops were screwed on.

Beautiful Narnian Crowns—“Fancy Gold Crown” kits were purchased from J & A Handy-crafts, Inc. These kits contained the crowns, plus stickers, jewels, and feathers to decorate the crowns with!

Add Color to Narnia Coloring Sheet—This sheet was printed off of one of the official Narnia sites. The scene depicted Aslan, Lucy, and Susan. Participants colored this sheet and turned it in to be displayed with pictures of the day’s event.

Snowflake Bookmark Craft—In the land of Narnia , it is always winter, but never Christmas. Snowflake bookmark kits were purchased from Oriental Trading Company. Each kits was self-contained with the bookmark pieces and accompanying items to decorate it with.

Aslan the Lion—Three large pattern pieces for a lion were photocopied on different colors of construction paper. The pieces were then glued together to construction a large lion. Black coinstruction paper whiskers added a finishing touch to the face!

Once participants were done with crafts, they were invited to the refreshment table. Served were fruit snacks, pretzels, oatmeal cream pies, and punch.

A drawing was held for two paperback copies of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, recently published with photos from the new movie.

Handouts were also available for participants with word puzzles, a recipe for Turkish Delight, two handouts that told about the film, and a list of the books in the Chronicles of Narnia series.

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