Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Demco has a large amount of items that can be used to supplement this program! Their website is Toll free phone number is 1-800-356-1200. We purchased bookbags, bookmarks, balloons, and the Arthur glasses/tie/library card items.

I began the program with a trivia game called "The Brain's Brain Game". This trivia game asked questions about the Arthur series of books, but had multiple choice answers. The actual game is quite lengthy, so I selected questions I thought that participants would readily know.

Coloring sheets and handouts were available for the taking.

Several crafts were available to do, as well. They were:

1. Arthur Glasses--This was a purchased craft through the Demco site. Glasses, bow tie, and libary card punched out of a pre-printed sheet.

2. Arthur Doorhanger--The Ellison doorhanger die was used as the base for this craft. A pattern for the doorhanger bottom that features the slogan "Please Don't Disturb I'm Busy Reading with Arthur" was found (I think it might have come from an older issue of CopyCat Magazine) that fit perfectly to the bottom area. This was colored, cut out and glued onto the doorhanger.

3. D.W. and Arthur Party Crowns--This craft originally came from the PBS site, but I am not sure if it is still available. I have patterns, however. Pattern sheets were printed twice, colored, and cut out along dotted lines. Pieces were then taped together along a side edge, then sized to the child's head and taped again to complete.

4. Arthur Paper Bag Puppet--This pattern came from the November/December 1994 issue of CopyCat Magazine. Patterns of Athur's head and body were colored and cut out. The head was glued to the bottom of a paper lunch bag. The head was lifted up and the body was glued below it.

5. Arthur Mask--This pattern came from a PBS booklet. Pattern was colored and cut out. A paint stick was attached to make a mask the child could hold in front of his or her face.

Another craft that would work well for this program was the Pooh Bear Ears from the Winnie the Pooh program that I did. They look very much like Arthur's ears, as well!


Barb said...

Check this out! On the back of the book Arthur Jumps Into Fall by Marc Brown, there is a cute, cute, way cute Pal mask that your participants could make as part of the crafts for this program.

Depending on the age of the kids you have attending, you might need to enlarge this mask pattern. Just copy it off on a color copier, cut out the eyes, and add string (or a paint stick or craft stick!

I am definitely adding this mask pattern to my Arthur file for future use!

Barb said...

Smilemakers offers some very cool Arthur (and D.W.) stickers!

$5.99 for 75 stickers in either a box or a roll.