Monday, August 13, 2007


After an initial sign-up of 27, 23 participants attended our October program, "Mystery Day at the library".

Children’s Librarian Barb Scott opened the program by sharing the book Jack Gander, Storyville Detective: The Case of the Greedy Granny by George McClements. This book is a fractured fairy tale that retells the story of "Little Red Riding Hood". After that, participants viewed a "Famous Detective Quiz" done in Powerpoint. Picture were shown of famous fictional detectives and their job was to guess who they were.

At this point, each participant was invited to take a pencil and "detective" notepad that would be used for the next few games. After that, it was time for a game called "Touch and Tell".

Participants passed around 10 wrapped items (marked Exhibits 1-10)and tried to guess what was inside, simply by feeling them. Then it was time for a game called "Mystery Candy". Parts of 10 different candy bars, marked Exhibits A-J) were set out on paper plates and participants had to guess what type of candy bar it was. The next game was called "Mystery Plate". Participants briefly viewed a platter with 10 items, then had to try to remember what the 10 items were.

Next, it was time for members of the Teen Advisory Board to read short mysteries taken from the game "30 Second Mysteries". Participants were given clues and had to guess 2 parts of the mysteries given. It was clear we had some budding detectives in the house as in most cases, they had the mystery solved before the final clue!

After this, participants were invited to go to two craft tables. At one table, bookmarks were made using white paper and stamp pads. The stamps done on the paper were of a detective with a magnifying glass (left over from the Ohio Summer Reading Program "Who Made the Splash?" several years ago!) and the participants thumbprints! After participants decorated the paper bookmark, they were laminated, a hole punch in the top and ribbon inserted. The second craft was coloring and cutting out a Scooby-Doo doorhanger. Each participant was given a lunch-sized paper bag to put their goodies in! The teens also helped man these craft tables.

Snacks were served to all those present. The table was decorated with Scooby-Doo napkins and co-ordinating plates, as well as several Pound Puppies hound dogs! Snacks consisted of small iced cakes, pretzels, and punch. While the participants were eating, all those who wished to had pictures taken with the skeleton who was just "hanging around" the Community Room.

As participants finished up, drawings were held for 3 mystery paperbacks and a Clue game.

Before participants left, each received a small magnifying glass, a small plastic skeleton, and a hound dog keychain!

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