Saturday, January 26, 2008


Due to our on-going construction and lack of parking, this program was done as a passive program, due to poor sign-up. But, all of the elements of a full-blown program are available to you should you wish to use them!

As with our other programs, a Powerpoint presentation about Ramona and her creator, Beverly Cleary was done to begin the program. This Powerpoint highlighted the Ramona series of books, characters in the series, and the life of the author. It is interesting to note that Cleary herself was a poor reader early in school. As she went on through school, eventually receiving training as a librarian, she was asked by children about books "about children like themselves". These comments are what prompted her to begin her successful writing career.

I also wrote a Reader's Theatre script taking an excerpt from Chapter 1/Ramona's Great Day from the book Ramona the Pest. I had intended to make use of our Teen Advisory Board to perform this short play for participants. The script is available if you'd like it!

Those present were able to do the following Ramona-themed crafts:

NAME ART--When Ramona was learning how to write her name, she discovered the the Q in her last name (Quimby) looked like a kitty-cat from behind! Participants took the letter that their first or last name (or both) began with and were challenged to draw an animal that it either looked like or started with. As you can see from the example above, I've done my name. The "B" from my first name became a camel and the "S" from my last name morphed into a snake!

--Ribsy the dog is actually owned by Henry Huggins. But, when Henry rescues Ramona and her red rain boots from a mud puddle, Ramona is determined to marry him! The base of this craft is a toilet paper roll. Participants colored and cut out the piece that covered roll, plus the tail, legs, and head (see example pictured above).

RAMONA BOOKMARK--This cute bookmark was colored and then laminated. Once the lamination was complete, a hole was punched in the top and ribbon threaded through! See example pictured above!

LET'S MAKE PANTS FOR ELLA FUNT!--In the book Ramona and Her Mother, Ramona struggles to make pants for her stuffed elephant, Ella Fun! Participants colored their elephants and added whatever type of pants they wanted. As you can see by my example, my pants have a "Elmer" kind of feel!

AN "EGG HEAD" CRAFT!--In the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Ramona loves 3rd grade and her new teacher, Mrs. Whaley. The kids in the class start a trend of cracking their hard-boiled eggs on their head before eating them. One day, Ramona's mom doesn't hard boil her egg and poor Ramona ends up with raw egg all over her head! Participants took a page that contained a blank head shape and drew themselves. Once they were done, using yellow tempera paint as our "egg" mixture, we dripped egg all over them! See my example for how it might turn out!
The participants really enjoyed this craft, although we all agreed that it was hard to draw yourself!

Snacks were served to those present. Since this was a passive program, participants could take a break from crafts whenever they wished to eat or eat while they worked.