Monday, August 13, 2007


On February 26th, 2005, 45 participants and their parents gathered in the library's Community Room for a belated birthday celebration for everyone's favorite dog, Clifford! Clifford's actual birthday is February 15th, 1963. As they arrived, each participant was given a red dog bone nametag and encouraged to sign up for door prizes.

After welcoming everyone to the program, Children's Librarian Barbara Scott presented a short Powerpoint introduction to Clifford and his author, Norman Bridwell. It is interesting to know that Emily Elizabeth in the Clifford books is named after Mr. Bridwell's own daughter and that he originally wanted to name his dog character "Tiny"!

After this presentation, participants could move at their own pace through six different craft tables to make Clifford-themed crafts. These crafts were:

1. Clifford Toilet Paper Tube Craft--Participants used a toilet paper roll as the base onto which to glue colored patterns to form a Clifford dog.

2. Clifford Treat Bag--Two identical sheets were colored and glued together to form a small treat bag. Each participant received a small baggie with a Clifford bookmark and sticker selection to put into these bags when they were completed.

3. Clifford Stick Puppet--Patterns for body and ears were colored and cut out, then glued together to form Clifford's body. Googly eyes and a pompom nose were added and eyebrows and mouth were drawn on. Finally, the body was glued onto a paint stick to make a stick puppet.

4. Puppy Love Necklace--This adorable necklace was made up of different sizes of hearts. Googly eyes were glued on after the face was formed. Holes were punched, a piece of plastic lanyard was laced through, and red beads were added, if desired.

5. Let's Make Clifford's House--A small doghouse shape was colored, then cut out, folded and glued to form a doghouse with Clifford's name above the door.

6. Clifford Coloring Page--Participants were asked to do their best coloring jobs on this page which said "Happy Birthday, Clifford". These pages were handed in to be displayed with pictures of the event in the library.

After finishing with crafts, participants enjoyed a table full of snack items and punch. Snack items included Clifford Teddy Grahams, pretzels, and cupcakes.

Several door prizes were given out at the conclusion of the program.


Jeremy said...

Hi Barb. I am preparing some author/book events for a spring preschool program I am running in Tokyo, Japan. You mentioned that you wanted to help others not have to reinvent the wheel, so can I make a request? If you still have the Clifford or Curious George powerpoint files, I'd love to have a copy of them. I will attribute authorship appropriately. If it's possible,could you send them to me by email at jseminoff at newhopeclc dot jp. I greatly appreciate it.

Barb said...

Smilemakers offers some VERY CUTE "Reading is Fun" stickers featuring Clifford as a puppy!
Just the thing for a give-away at your program! They are $5.99 for 75 stickers and come in either boxes or on rolls!

Smilemakers 1-800-825-8085

Barb said...

Smilemakers also offers some great Clifford at Play stickers.

75 stickers for $5.99 in either a box or roll!